Friday, April 20, 2007

New Beads

In celebration of the spring, I decided to make a trillium bead. Wasn't sure exactly how to do this, but I've been wanting to try working with enameled stringers and this was the result.

This is a focal size in that it would basically stand alone in a necklace, probably around 25 cm or so long.

The base is opal yellow, a special color which I tend to just hoard instead of using it. See the blushing going on in the background?

The set is called Kalahari Sunset. I've, of course, never been tot he Kalahari, but I suspect that the shifting sands and winds would tend to make for some pretty spectacular sunsets there.

The base is just a basic purple color, but the addition of the sringers seemed to change it into a dark magenta.

At first I wasn't pleased with the set, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Naming it didn't hurt either!

This bizarre little group of beads was inspired by the colors I was wearing yesterday in the shop.

The green color is Aloe Vera - a very soft green that looks a lot like copper blue, but is a bit more green. I paired with with lapiz which often seems harsh, but in this case, I think it just jazzes up the soft green.

A little sampler set using variations on the same basic colors is always a way to get me out of a "block" it seems and I've certainly been in one of those for some time.

I tend to wear these colors - certainly the blue - so I think I will add to the set and then make up one of my funky necklaces that is mostly chain with a lot of beads scattered along its length.

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