Sunday, January 20, 2008

Almost Finished...

If you read my blog even occasionally, you might be getting tired of seeing this style of beads from me: I've just been so fascinated by the reactions and the gorgeous results I've been getting and, as you can see, I've made up two of the sets into bracelets. I'm about to get started on the other two.

They are so versatile. The combinations are almost neutral, but they are downright stunning. I have been wearing the finished bracelets almost non-stop and have gotten more compliments on them than on anything else I have even worn.

Part of the charm is the crazy bird's nest spacers that I made to go with them. They are made of sterling wire which has been oxidized to give them depth.

I suppose I'll have to start letting them go, so if you are interested, please get in touch. I'll try to put them on my website, but I know there are at least two people who already want one!

Here's another work in progress:
This will give you an idea of how I work. I take a set of beads and find the complimentary beads that I want to use with them from my stash. Often, I'll just take out everything that could possibly work with them. In this case, the usual silver findings just didn't work with the beads I put together, so I wound up using Gold Vermeil as the metal. I tried different combinations; strung, unstrung until I was happy with the look. I have had this sitting around for a while, just to be sure it was the way so I could pick it up from time to time and make sure it still was a combo that pleased me. I think I'm ready now to finish it off with a magnetic clasp and a dangle.

Yeah, I keep saying I'm almost finished. Just hope I don't go off on another hare-brained tangent before I do!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

So, where are you storing those green beads? When will you guys be away from home??? ha ha ha ha I love that green set! I can't wait to see what it looks like finished. Please tell me you will post a finished picture, or let me see them up close. I can drive far away again, so I should come out and visit you again soon! I really miss you!

The other beads...I really don't know what to say about those that would serve them right. They are just so rich and cosmic! Gorgeous! Keep making them! he he he