Monday, June 30, 2008

Suddenly Summer

I know it isn't really sudden, but isn't it amazing the way the world changes in just a few short weeks?

It seems we were just wondering at the bright spring green shoots and waiting impatiently for the trees to be in full leaf.

Suddenly, we look around and see summer is here...

Everything is really "green" green.

We no longer wander freely through the woods because the undergrowth is so thick.

We are eating fresh vegetables from our garden.

This Robin is no longer a harbinger, he's just one of the many, many birds who contribute to the natural chorus in the summer...

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Rosemary said...

Enjoyed the walk thru your gardens and henhouse. The view into your home is so inviting. Thank you for sharing your space! And, BTW, the goddess arrived safely today. She is as lovely as I remember, and we will present her to our sister as a thank you gift for all she has done for our upcoming Art Auction in September. Thanks so much. Our vacation was quite an experience, and it has taken 2 full days to recover!! What a ride!