Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sometimes I wonder where to find inspiration ... and then I take a walk in the woods.
The woodland path changes with the seasons and right now, it is just starting to "green up" with spring.

Along the path, we find lots of plants pushing their way through the sticks and dead leaves of years past. These are May Apples just starting to unfurl...
All this new growth and unfurling served to inspire a new vessel... Bright green tendrils unfurling around a gray base... It reminds me of jungle growth on ruins, so I called it "Tulum". If you've ever been there, you know why.
While I was in a "jungle" mood, I made some Tiger beads. I tried doing them more free form than I usually do and I think I like them. They're just waiting to be made into a bracelet.
And then, still in the jungle mood, a tiger vessel wass the result.
I found a pack of glass that I had never tried before. The rods looked much more orange, but the glass came out this lovely soft peach color. It's a color I have tried to find, but always been disappointed in until now. I made this on a hollow mandrel, not intending to attempt to blow it, but when the end slipped and uncovered the hole, I thought it was time to give it another try.

It turned out much larger than my usual vessels and it is quite "free form" and "organic". I like it and will probably keep it for myself since it was more or less a happy accident. The salmon frit looks great with this glass - I'll have to do more with it.
So, that's how this particular group of goodies came about and you've seen a tiny peek at how my mind works... Believe me, that's enough!


Aquarian Bath said...

These are so pretty. I love the peach one.

P4m3L4j0 said...

Thank you for sharing your work! I love the one with the tender green shoots. It truly makes me think of the newness of life that comes in the spring. I also like the glass beads. One of my friends designs and makes the most beautiful jewelry using glass beads. I think it must be very satisfying to take a feeling or emotion and express it in a way that you and others can enjoy not just in the moment but forever.

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Those are the cutest vessels. I'm always amazed at those of you who work with glass as a medium.