Friday, October 02, 2009

A favorite barn

This is probably the one that inspired me to want to do a series of barn pictures on my blog. We used to pass it every day, way back when we were doing the Renaissance Faire.

I knew there were designs in the bricks, but never stopped to really get a good look at it. On Tuesday, we were on the way home from a small wholesale show up at the Lebanon Expo center and I happened to have my camera. I had decided I would stop and get a picture on my way in that morning and I finally stopped and took this one.

Now, looking at it, I see that the design is interesting, but... the date "A 1816" tells me exactly how old it is. What a very cool barn.

The white building behind it is a "tobacco barn" that is in use drying tobacco this year. See the slats that are propped open? The barn has been filled with hanging tobacco plants and the slats have been opened to get the air flow through that will dry them correctly.

I believe it was the morning before the show that I snapped this one as we were getting ready to be on our way...Such a beautiful sunrise over Frog Hollow, I just felt the need to share it!

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