Thursday, December 10, 2009

Molded Soaps

From time to time, when we have extra soap in the pan, or when there is just some there that we don't want to scrape out, we will pour it into a small mold.

Often these molds are used for what we call melt & pour soap because that soap is easily released from them.

Cold process (the soap we make) seems sometimes to become a PART of them and may never come out.

We wait and wait, and finally they pop out - sometimes in one piece, sometimes in a strange smeared parody of the original intent!

One night, not too long ago, we decided to make some molded soaps on purpose! We decided to make essential oil blends for them and the Green Man, above, was made with a nice blend including fir, vetiver and some other woodsy oils.

First, we used less water than usual so the soaps would firm up more quickly and we made sure to add plenty of clay, which would absorb some of the water.

When they still gave us a hard time, we mentioned it to a soapmaking friend who simply said, "Put them in the freezer." So we did - and when we took them out - lo and behold, we had lovely molded soaps.

Then we decided to play with some micas. They were especially beautiful on this sun soap (to the right.) The essential oils in this one are bright and shiny, including some citrus oils.

We touched them all with mica to bring out their details.

The Celtic cube is probably one of the molds we have had around the longest. It is always a nice pattern and the fragrance used in this one was something like patchouli and grapefruit.

Tina took some plain goat milk soap home last night to try rebatching for molding. Her little experiment turned out beautifully and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't do a blog entry about it soon.

She did post a picture today on her facebook page.


Comfrey Cottages said...

what very cool molds those are! the soaps turned out just gorgeous:) i love the tip about the freezer! isn't it just wonderful how nice it is to be inspired and learn these cool tips from friends? thank you for sharing, these are super cool:)

Aquarian Bath said...

very pretty

Denny1600 said...

Another tip to get your CP soaps out of molds is to "grease" the mold with a small amount of mineral oil. Makes life much easier.

Marnie Plunkett said...

I've never seen soaps molded like this! Are these molds specifically for soaps? The green man is my fav...or maybe the celtic knot...but the sun is so pretty too!