Monday, January 03, 2011

Tussled with the camera and ...

After my little diatribe this morning, I tried once again to recharge the batteries for the camera. I have no idea what had happened, but two of them charged immediately. I put them in the camera (along with the two from my mouse!) and finally got some pictures.

So - tada!
First, a vessel.
Then, what I would loosely call a set. Probably the two smallest beads on the top left would make a nice pair of earrings and the other beads were all done using various combinations of techniques... And then, the last bead I made, a long (about 40 mm,) skinny bead that, I think, I added the best of everything to - and of course, I wrapped it in fine silver wire and got the silver beads embedded in it in a spiral pattern... I really love it.
Hope you do too!Not a bad way to start the year.

By the way, the other two batteries recharged, I got the use of my mouse back and the camera still appears to work!

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