Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Life After Facebook

After much frustration and soul-searching, I recently made the decision to leave Facebook.

Through the primaries and ensuing craziness of this political year(s!) I have lost respect for people I once held in some esteem. I found myself biting my tongue so many times that it became painful. I do not need to go on about politics. People who know me well know how I feel and I don't believe I will change anyone's mind.

I had become accustomed to reporting on various things in my life - if only for my own enjoyment - and have felt stifled as I composed posts in my mind but had nowhere to put them.

So, the thing that probably is more responsible than any other for causing my lack of posts here, has now brought me back.  I saw someone on TV yesterday who was sharing one of those lists of things that a woman should not do after a certain age. Apparently Facebook and mini-skirts are things we should stop using around the same time.  If this were true, I would be way past my expiration date on FB anyway!

I will say that since leaving FB a couple of weeks ago, I have discovered a number of projects that have languished.  Most recently, the extra time has led me to start cleaning out my closet.  So far, this has resulted in a bonanza for Goodwill - two big garbage bags of clothes along with another of shoes. Things just collect.

This blog was originally started to promote my lamp working and sadly, between the time constraints imposed by operating my soap business and failing eyesight, I have neglected my torch as badly as I have neglected this page.  I suspect cataract surgery may be in my not too distant future so we will see what happens.

Cleaning my jewelry-making/craft room is one of my soon to be accomplished activities and we will see what comes of actually being involved with my beads, etc again...

Anyway - I'm hoping I will be stopping by much more frequently again.  I may just have to comment on a beautiful day or discuss a new project, but I'm back.

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