Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Llamas (Alpacas)!

I pass these guys everytime I take an order of soap and stuff over to Cloverleaf Herb Farm in Mt Joy. Today was one of those days and I decided I had to take a picture!

They are Alpacas and there's a store nearby that sells alpaca socks, hats, gloves, etc., etc. I haven't yet visited the store, but I've seen the gorgeous creatures out grazing all the time. They even have a horse thrown into the pack although I don't think he/she is on the picture.

It's kind of a jarring sight when you're accustomed to seeing cows and horses and suddenly, here is a pasture full of something that looks possibly like a long necked sheep, or maybe one of those sleek Afghan Hounds.

Now, when I see this pasture full of Alpacas, even though I know they aren't Llamas, I think of this Llama Song and try (poorly, I'll admit) to sing the song! The song still cracks me up and if you have a decent connection, it may entertain you, too!

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