Monday, November 07, 2005

Moonlight Fairy....

Two posts in two days... I knew I could get back to blogging again!

This is the Moonlight Fairy I wrote about in a previous post. I wish you could see the detail, but her colors demand a blue background,and Photoshop is a wonderful thing. It gave her a fabulous background and just the right mood. The large bead above her with the moon on it is actually a sliding bead that acts as the adjuster/fastener for the necklace. Both sides of the necklace slide through it so the length can be adjusted easily.

We went down to Amish country again today to make some deliveries and I wish I could have taken pictures of the wash hanging out in the breeze! Monday is still the traditional wash day and all the wash is hung outside to dry. The Amish have large families and all the black pants and coats are lined up in graduating sizes! The women's brightly colored dresses are an interesting contrast flapping alongside. The washlines are often strung between the barn and the house on pulleys so *Mom* can just stand on the porch clipping wash on the line and push it out. Same thing in reverse when it's time to bring it in.

I'm not sure what it is the men do on washdays, but apparently it isn't field work. All the work horses were lounging about in the fields enjoying the rest and pleasant fall breezes! They seemed to be deep in conversation... What do you suppose they talk about out there?

"Well, what do you think the old man is up to today? We got the dang field cleared for him last week and all the corn is in."

"Aw, he'll find something for us to do. You know, no rest for the weary."

"Yeah, just once, I'd like to see him do some work around here!"

Ya think it's like that?

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Tina Sams said...

Nah... It's more like, "See that woman getting her camera out? Wouldn't it be fun if we all turned around at once and mooned her? HEY! I was going to eat that clump of grass!"