Sunday, November 30, 2008

Media Coverage

We've been really lucky this year with a lot of media coverage for Frog Hollow Evergreens, our Christmas tree farm.

It started with an article in our morning paper the morning before Thanksgiving. A reporter had called me the evening before and I just tossed off the line about how we avoid haggling price by keeping our pricing simple. Bob brought the Paper home on Weds. and I was surprised to see my quote starting off the article!

Another reporter had called me earlier in the day and asked many, many questions. I kept checking the papers because I hadn't remembered to ask what paper it would be in - datewise. As it turned out, he was from our Sunday paper and that interview resulted in this article.

The first article attracted the attention of a couple of TV stations! First, our cable service has its own channel and they came out on Weds. evening. They did a cute little bit with the footage they shot on their evening news.

Then, the local FOX channel was scheduled to come out on Saturday which, as a result of the newspaper was crazy busy - although it is usually pretty insane Thanksgiving weekend. They had to cancel, but said they'd be here Sunday. I was shocked that they did show up in on Sunday since it was raining all day and we had only a few very hardy customers. We did an interview in the drizzle on Tina's deck, overlooking the trees. Again they showed a clip that evening on their news broadcast. I thought I wasn't identified, but a couple of friends have let me know they saw it, so I guess I was... I'll have to watch the tape again.

it was amazing the amount of footage that is shot for a 10-20 second bit!

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