Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another mention ... and Rudy in the rain

After all the media attention we have gotten this year, we have had some fun and busy weekends around here.

There are usually two busy weekends each year - Thanksgiving weekend and the weekend after. This year was no exception.

We set up our shop, but when things are crowded, most people want to just get in and out as parking is at a premium around here. This year, we offered free cocoa and hot cider on Saturday and Sunday both weeks and at least had a few folks stop into the shop for that! Last Sunday was bitterly cold and we were glad we had something to help our customers warm up a bit.

Things should be a bit more leisurely the next two weeks and that is fine with me.

I was surprised by a google alert this morning that led to this article which is about keeping Christmas green, and mentions Frog Hollow!

Every year during "tree season", we have a day or two (and sometimes more) of rain or other inclement weather. The rain is the worst though.

I was hoping for a day or two of respite in the middle of the week, but it is stretching out and people are coming out despite the pouring rain.

<<This is Rudy, our self appointed welcoming committee. His job is to keep track of everyone, but especially to chase the "Frogmobile" a utility vehicle we use to get around here, and Rudy's nemesis!

He was outside off and on all day today and when he wasn't out in the rain, he was spending his time wrapped in a big old dry towel, sleeping!

This is his post rain garb! Poor baby...

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Tina Sams said...

I believe the term is ARCH nemesis. Poor baby Rudy. Such a good boy.