Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Tree Season

This is the last weekend for Frog Hollow this year. On Sunday, we will have sold our last tree for the season.

On Tuesday, we had a beautiful snowfall and expected to have a pretty uneventful day, but apparently there are some folks who don't mind braving snow (or even the occasional changeover to freezing rain) to cut their tree.

Somehow, I found myself up the hill with my camera and decided to take some "winter wonderland" pictures.

Bob and Rudy had to come up too. You can see that Rudy, as ever, is proving he can outrun the "Frogmobile".

Sometimes he leads the way and sometimes he decides to take a shortcut through the trees or on a connector road and manages to pop out ahead of his nemesis!

I took this picture today. This is a huge Blue Spruce. I wish I had thought to get the camera a little sooner, because when they began to load the tree, it appeared to be a nearly impossible job. It seemed bigger than the van! As it is, it barely fits in the van.

The people came into the shop and we laughed about the fact that they usually bring a bigger van and they just overestimated this one's size.

I found it interesting that their son's girlfriend had the job of sawing this monster down...

So - another tree season has come and is just about gone...

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