Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shards! (and enter the contest)

Yes, you can enter the contest by commenting on this post too!

I purchased these shards some time ago, but hadn't had time to work with them. I finally made a couple of focals using them and am thrilled!

This picture shows both sides of the first bead I made with them:
Lots of silvered ivory and reflective dark silver plum shards... This bead is probably about 35-40mm tall (I don't have it here to measure.)

And then, I got out the raku and this was the result.....
I think it's the most colorful reaction I have ever gotten from raku and then the oil slick look of the shards just combine with it perfectly! This one is about the same size as the one above.

2 comments: said...

Maryann, I love your work .. as you know .. you do create magic.!

Doris said...

Maryann, these beads are wonderful, I love all of the neat colors.