Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is almost here and my husband, Bob, is more than ready!

This is always a difficult time for him because while the weather looks good and he can get outside, it just isn't time to really be doing anything yet. He's already planted the trees for the year, but we need a little rain before he can start to dig any trees.

So, while he has time, he finds things to do. I was surprised to see this going up the other day:
Years ago, we had a heated plastic greenhouse built out the front of one of our outbuildings. When Bob took it down, he saved all the materials. He decided we need a seed starting area and so, he built a nice sized cold frame. The thermometer inside registers 70 degrees most of the day when it's around 30-40 outside.

I went inside and looked around. He has a nice little bench set up on the sunny side of the building:
Another project was to clean out the beds that we use for our gardens in the summer. So, their permanent home is ready for the little seedlings he's planting now:
It seems that we're still in winter, but before we know it, the trees will be green, the tulips will be blooming and we'll be planting those veggies and anxiously awaiting the first ripe treasures of the year!

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