Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Tute Results

These were done some time ago - when I was on my wild tutorial binge. I love the results though and have been wearing them a lot. I have to make some more because I think other people will like them too.

These were from Ann Rickett's Tutorial, She gives you a good starting point - and one of the bracelet beads is an exact copy, but then, using the techniques, I branched off and created my own.

First the bracelet:
I strung it with leather spacers and ivory colored beads. The counter-weight bead is a topaz tiger bead.

More recently, I sat down and made this focal. I wired it up and wear it on a ball chain.

I think the bottom part of this bead reminds me of Monarch butterfly wings, so there's another direction to take it!

1 comment:

magpie said...

found you when i was googling 'Geldard tutorials'.
gotta love the internet.

now i'm distracted by your site & will spend some time. Just wanted to say - love that tiger/monarch bead.