Sunday, July 05, 2009

Market on the 4th

It was July 4th at Mount Joy Farmers Market. Flags lined the streets of our small town, and at Market, one of our vendors set up a little vignette to celebrate!There were even red, white and blue potato varieties. Supposedly they hold their color and it was very tempting to try making potato salad with them, but knowing our family we stuck to the tried and true!I walked around market part of the way through the day and when I got home and downloaded the pictures I took, I was thrilled and amazed by the beauty that surrounds us every week.

You can tell the pride that goes into growing or producing the products by the way they are displayed.
CORN - Seems a little early for local, but....
Wonderfully displayed root veggies
And more
Tomatoes - again, very early this year. All the rain really slowed the crop.
More and more variety every week.

Not local, but... yum! Melons
And some of the delicious baked goods offerred.
Some of the herb and flower plants you can find every week!
And, of course, a sunflower to finish off the day!

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