Sunday, July 24, 2005

HTML & Mercury in Retrograde!

What a combo! (Caution - pathetic, possibly bizarre, rant follows.)

If you believe in these things, supposedly when Mercury is in retrograde - a couple of times a year - it affects communication in all forms and the sense of direction. It was explained to me like a plunger being pulled back on a pin ball machine... that everything seems to be suspended in preparation for the plunger being released when the planet goes direct once again.

When I have trouble finding places or get lost, my first thought is, "What's Mercury doing?" Silly? Maybe, well, probably.

But after the past few days, I'm thinking it's a doozey this time! At least I'd prefer to think that it's the fault of a planet rather than that I'm just an idiot!

I've just spent 2-3 days trying to update my "vessels" page. It still isn't right, but at least the pictures appear and seem to match the descriptions. I really need to learn html - I certainly learned a lot through this. Switching between two design programs probably isn't a good idea, especially when I'm working with a template from one and they apparently make changes all by themselves... Oh well.

Then there was the ad... I put an ad together for a magazine and sent it in. Well, it was in the wrong resolution, so we decided to do something else. I just sent in pictures at 300 DPI - although my current mail client refused to send them, so I had to switch back to OE. That went relatively well, but my mail was delayed and a note requesting my font didn't reach me 'til 7PM (it had been sent at 3!) I trudged out to the shop and finally sent the font - again in OE! We'll see how this goes...

I have to send out some charms for a swap today... I dread attempting to use the machine at the P.O. which is usually a joy.

Mercury retrograde usually lasts a couple of weeks... have to check, because I can barely stand much more of this!

Edited to add: Of course, when I posted, the original link to my Vessels page didn't work! Of course it didn't. And you may need to refresh the page to get the correct pictures to show with the descriptions... just love Mercury!

We now return you to our normal programming.... thanks for listening!


Zonnestraaltje said...

I think you may have something there... yesterday was a real interesting day. Sometimes I just shouldn't get out of bed.

Hang in there!

By the way...the link in your post to go to the vessel page...doesn't work. Get an "Oops, can't find this page" message.


Anonymous said...

Ya know I was thinking the same thing about weirdness the past few days and then Friday night as I was driving down the road it all came together. Can you say....... full moon? As a simple minded brother, I feel it my duty to supply the most simpleminded answers to problems....complex or otherwise.

Maryanne said...

Well, of course it was wrong!

I fixed it now... if the pictures still don't match the descriptions, you may need to reload!

Thanks for letting me know, Z!

Maryanne said...

Oh, T... Maybe that's why it's so unusually wacky this time... Like high tide.

Tina Sams said...

Add Merc retro to the full moon, and thank your lucky stars that your site still exists!

Zonnestraaltje said...