Thursday, July 21, 2005

Visitor revisited

VisitorRemember this guy?

I think I had mentioned that I made a vessel that these colors inspired. Never got around to posting it, so I thought (since I finally got a decent picture) I'd post it today.

I'm slowly updating my vessels page. New pictures will be replacing all the ones that have sold. I'm not an expert, so it's going slowly - everything seems to be shifting around on the page, but sooner or later, I'll get it under control.

Lily Pond Probably this one would be a nice addition too. I call it Lily Pond.. Don't you think it looks like lily pads floating in a clear turquoise pool. If I ever do a design like this again, I think I'll add a couple of Koi. Then I can call it Koi Pond.

Shooting Stars

I have a number of new vessels and another of my favorites is one I call "Shooting Stars". I used Gaffer glass which results in a wispy appearance as the threads of color flow around the glass. I'm loving the way that silver wire beads up into "stars" as it melts into the glass.

There's a bunch more coming, but the challenge of html is slowing me down...

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