Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Did you ever...

Did you ever notice how, sometimes, when you have all the time in the world, you just can't seem to concentrate? Like, in the hospital, I can't watch an entire TV program, or if I do, it doesn't really make sense... Or just try to read in there - absolutely impossible for me. Well, I'm dealing with the same thing at home

Taking pity on me sitting here with my foot still propped up, my sister visited yesterday. We intended to play some Scrabble, and we did, although it was all we could do to finish one game. She looked at the rubble that is now my living room... My coffee table is completely covered with jewelry stuff, a side table holds unfinished knitting and wherever I am, I must cart the TV controller, laptop and the telephone along - oh, plus a bottle of water and the ice pac! There are jewelry magazines in piles everywhere.

She threatened to take a picture of this mess, but I talked her out of it!

With all this available and lots of free time, you'd think I would have produced a number of finished items... but, no. There's something about feeling "not well" that destroys my concentration. I'll begin lots of things, but finish none of them. Wild and wooly ideas come to me and either I lose them completely or when I begin, they just don't look in reality the way they looked in my mind's eye. So, there are a number of half-finished projects that I will probably take apart to rework later. I wonder if it's some kind of perfectionism kicking in. That is usually the culprit when I can't produce.

So, this morning, on the phone, we brainstormed some new ideas for soaps, but again, although I took copious notes, it's something that will have to sit on the back burner until my foot is ready to go.

I'm not really complaining. Everything seems to be going according to schedule and I go to the doctor for another post op appointment tomorrow and expect to be able to do more each day. Might as well enjoy the luxury of vegging in front of the TV and cruising the internet at leisure for now.

I thought maybe I could learn html during this time too, but same thing ... no concentration ... and my husband just came in and asked if, since I'm bored and have nothing to do, I was ready to work on a site for our evergreen farm!

It's just an odd situation and I do wish I could pull it together to take advantage of this downtime to finish a few things but if not, I know I'll be raring to go when I'm physically ready. Soon ... soon ...

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