Monday, January 09, 2006

Frosty beads in a mild January

Yesterday was one of those Sundays that I just hung out in the house - caught up on the wash and brought a few sets of beads into the house to work on while I waited through the wash/dry/fold cycles!

I've been trying some new techniques with the glass and so really excited about the first couple of frosty lentil sets that I had to string them up into bracelets!

The picture of the green beads show the finish and the true colors very well. I call this one "Green Frost".

The iridescent luster is from pixie dust and there is clear (well, very light green) scrolling over the top.

Really a pretty effect and something different.

Then, I tried the same technique light pink and wound up with this one that I call "Tea Rose". Although it doesn't show up as well in photos as in real life, the beads include all the blushing colors of a tea rose as it blooms. I love those roses, so this, to me is a very romantic bracelet.

You can see the iridescent pink tones on the beads along the right front.

Along with the new style of beads, I also did something that I find tried and true.. Scrolling with florals and pressed in the lentil mold. I just love the lentil beads, they are such a comfortable shape on the wrist.

The lapis is always a nice color to wear with jeans ... my usual wardrobe ... especially working here at home. And I do feel it is necessary to always be wearing some jewelry! I guess that's what got me into the shiny stuff to begin with!


Zonnestraaltje said...

I love that green set!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY Eye Candy!!!