Monday, March 20, 2006

Crocs, Wheatland & Spring Beads

We had some deliveries to make last week and started out in Amish Country.

We made a few stops and then got on to the serious business of finding some Crocs. I've been reading about them on some of the forums I frequent and in fact, one of the nurses at the day surgery said they were the most comfortable shoes she had ever worn.

I had searched the crocs website for a location near us and found a place that, sure enough, had a small selection of Crocs. I tried to post a picture, but you'll just have to check the site.

After purchasing one pair each of the navy "Beach", we decided to try another possible shop just to see if they had a wider selection. Oh, and by the way, they ARE someof the most comfy shoes I've ever worn. Clunky, but comfy and light as a feather!

On the way there my sister, Tina, (the other part of the "we" I'm talking about) said, "Oh, there's the Arboretum, I'd sure like to stop in there soon."

I said, "You mean now?" and screeched into the driveway.

Now, I knew she would take care of the actual Arboretum on her blog, but it happens to be right next to Wheatland, the home of Pennsylvania's only president, James Buchanan.

This is a different shot, since it is taken from the side. This walkway is from the Lancaster County Historical Society. Usually, pictures of Wheatland show it from the front. I imagine at other times of the year, when there are leaves on the trees, the buildings are invisible from each other.

We never did find anymore Crocs in Lancaster - although over the weekend, I managed to find a pair of brown "Aspens" in Harrisburg.

The spring weather (predicted to go rapidly downhill tomorrow with a snowstorm!) has inspired a number of springy type beads - colors and flowers.

The floating dots are the pastels of spring and Easter. I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunnie right in the middle of the set!

The set would look right at home in an Easter basket...

The flower and leaves are etched for a really soft look. They are spring - verging on summer. I think the picture here actually makes this set look better than it is, but I wouldn't mind trying this again. The leaves have beads at the tops and the flower is built on a small bead.

The flower is about 35mm from the top of the center petal to the small leaf at the bottom. The way the beads are arranged here, the whole set is 60mm from right to left.

We're almost there (Spring). Now the calendar agrees and the weather will soon follow suit!

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