Friday, January 05, 2007

Farm Show Pix

As promised, I come bearing photos.

We finished setting up our booth. For today, that's the only thing I have pictures of.

We think it looks pretty spiffy and the computer screen will be where we will show a continuous loop of a short soap making demo. We're on a corner and most of the soap is behind us on the shelves.

The painted blue "thing" on the right is a giant bluebird box that appeared overnight. Somehow we offended our neighbors because we got the corner. I think by rights they think it should be theirs, so we now have this "thing" completely blocking our view to the left. The event coordinator didn't think much of the set up, so we'll see if anything happens to it. We'll probably get blamed for that too... oh well.

Another shot from the "front".

Tina's books and magazine are to the right and the main soap display is on the left.

We only have a few bars on the display and will have to get what our customers want from the shelves in back. This may change as the week goes on!

Oh, the judging of the soaps is over and we placed second in the "decorative" class. First was some beautiful molded soaps and we had entered some of our Lavender swirled bars. I'm not sure what they were looking for in the "Lye" division, but our Patchouli/Rose didn't place there. The winner made some plain white soap. We should have entered a chunk of our lard soap... Live and learn.

So tonight, DH made us a prime rib dinner so we'll have some protein to start us off. Farm Show food is supposed to be delicious, but it looks to be extremely expensive - I mean, a $2.75 Pepsi! We'll be taking a cooler each day, at least that's the plan.

So, all our plans are made and we'll see how we fare...


Michele said...

Rock on, Twisted Sisters, rock on! The display looks great and don't give kooky bird people next to you another thought. Eight days is a long time and they'll get over their tizzy. You all are going to do wonderfully. Congrats on second place...and yep, you were robbed.
Can't wait to hear all about it!

Unknown said...

The set up is wonderful. As herbfarmer says forget the other booth people, there is always someone willing to be in a snit. I love the black and white check display on the corner. Good luck you will do great.

Zonnestraaltje said...

Hi! I'm back in P.A., and I wanted to wish you guys a great show. I hope it turns out wonderful for you! Great booth!