Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here we gooooo...

Well, today we went up to the Farm Show to set up. We met the people in charge and were enlightened as to what to expect. It seems we have a pretty good location. We can expect to be exhausted by the third day which will be even longer than we expected since if we hope to have a parking spot anywhere close to the building we must be there about two hours before opening (and it's almost an hour's drive.) We were prepared to be exhausted though. Oh, and apparently we have a very good chance of selling out!

Bob and Rob came up in the (packed) pickup truck and helped us cart everything in and set up the "furniture". Rob was thrilled to find a machine full of free milk in every imaginable flavor. Pepsi, however, was $2.75 each in the machine, so we'll be taking a cooler up each day. Probably a sandwich or two might be a good idea too.

When we got there and hunted up the woman who was our original contact, she immediately started encouraging us to enter our soap in the judging, so we picked out some nice bars and entered in the "lye" category and the "decorative" category. A ribbon from the State Farm Show would be nice. The judging for that is tomorrow at 8 AM.

So we're almost ready to go. Already we feel more prepared and I probably won't wake up with an anxiety attack during the night tonight.

I'll be taking and posting some pictures tomorrow evening. The show officially opens on Saturday.

Here we goooooo!

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