Sunday, January 28, 2007

Until recently, you'd never know it was winter around here. This is the fountain in our back yard. If you can see it, the butterfly bush in the backround still has its leaves. Usually, these die back almost to the ground but this bizarre year, they are still green!

For the last week or so, we have been kissed by flurries overnight, but often by the end of the next day, all the white is gone. I'm surprised at my reaction because usually by this time, I'm so sick of cold and snow and now I'm remembering it wistfully!

Well, anyway, it all seems to lead to the winter malaise but I'm slowly pulling out of it and managing to torch again during the mornings and I just discovered a new seed bead pattern that I've been playing with at night in the most recent Bead and Button magazine. Sometimes I add one of my beads as a focal, but mainly I have fun just experimenting with various color combos. I'll be posting some pictures later today.

This is usually such a quiet time for my soap business. It's a time for trying out new scents and ideas but we are hearing from some of our customers already so things aren't completely static. It's nice getting an idea of what to expect for the new year and it's looking good.

I've been wanting to visit a new bead shop in our area, Lancaster Bead Company out across from the Rockvale outlets. They have some of my lampwork there and I really like the women who are running it. Maybe this week I'll finally get there to say hi and report back.

I must remember next year to set aside - or at least to expect - decompression time after the Farm Show. After talking with other participants, it's par for the course!

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