Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And more swirly settings...

I knew I wouldn't be able to restrain myself.

The first pendant here, the earthy one was the first one I tried to put my own spin on this morning. I was really surprised at how beautifully it went together - even though I was reading the instructions wrong in the first place and decided to do something a little different anyway.

This one is wired through the bead. The instructions were for a cabochon which wouldn't normally have any holes in it.

I loved the idea of wiring it with silver since there are silver dots through the bead itself.

The second pendant I am showing - to the right - was a bead I made some time ago and loved, but never really knew what to do with it.

The base is galaxy glass, so it's quite milky and opalescent. I added a number of stripes and streaks of greens and turquoises and was happy with the delicate yet organic look of it.

The silver setting was the answer to the question, "what to do with this?" This one, I made actually following the directions in the magazine (so the bead is encased in the bezel, but there is no wire through the bead hole.) Normally I do that first and go from there, but for some reason, this time I did it differently.

The major problem I have with this technique is to know when to stop. Every time I look at the "finished product" I want to add another swirl here and another coil there.

Okay - I'll stop, but next time you see them, I can't promise they'll look exactly the same!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

Yes!!! I like these. I'm not sure about the copper one though...just because that bead by itself was fantastic, and I wonder if you are hiding it somehow under that wire. I like the direction of these wrappings though! They are very curly swirly, and I'm always drawn to that effect. Thanks for posting so much lately! It is inspiring me!

Think you can make it to the torch thing at the York Guild this weekend? I'll be there Sunday. I'll call you though.