Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wacky Copper

The photo isn't the best, but I thought I'd post this - just because I'm sort of excited about this technique.

I'm in a pendant swap and I'm somewhat intimidated - did I mention that before? So, I wanted to try something really different - for me. It's straighter than it appears, but this one includes some of the herbal beads that my sister makes.

She's teaching an online class this week and we wanted to make up some ideas of how to use them. They are the irregular brown beads at about 2 and 4:30! They smell heavenly!

This is a vague take off on an article in the latest "Step by Step Wire Jewelry". I actually made another one in silver this morning although it is even more bizarre - not really following the basics but finding the crazy curl technique suits me.
I'm sure I'll be posting it soon.

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