Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm back!

After the success of my first experiments with enamels, I was inspired to continue and try some more.

Roses in the Snow kept going through my head and this is the result! Sometimes a bead just goes so smoothly and this was one of them.

It is about 25 mm or 1 inch high. The base is black and I sifted white enamel over the top of the bead, then applied the vines, leaves and roses. I sifted another quick "flurry" over the whole thing and wound up with the picture I had in my head.

What a wonderful feeling!

After I finished this one, I went on to make another, very similar only it was on a base of "Cocoa" which makes it look like a piece of fancy chocolate! This one is a little shorter - about 22mm. I'm not sure the color difference shows up so well here, but if you click on the picture it should come up larger on its own screen.

Now, to try something really daring - 3 colors of enamel. I felt like I was flying without a net since I wasn't sure what the finished colors of the enamels would be.

Again, I was thrilled as I watched the bead come together and held my breath until I could take it from the kiln.

I showed it to my husband this morning and he said, "It looks like some kind of domino", so I'm calling it "3D Domino". Maybe it's really a fat surfboard ...

This one is 30 mm tall, and each side is different (these two pictures are different sides of the same bead,) but the feel is the same on both.

I'm feeling better about the pendant swap since I feel like what I will send will actually be something original - and something I am excited about.

It seems that my artist block has finally evaporated and I am on to a new direction that is my own. I'm bursting with new ideas and can hardly wait to get to the torch and make more focals and some new sets!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

I love the blog's new look, and they really go nicely with that beautiful bead you were wearing last week that I admire so much! I like what you are doing with the enamels, and I'm looking forward to seeing more!!!

Have a good week!!! :)