Monday, August 06, 2007


The resin charms I showed a few posts back didn't work out, so I wound up making beads and wrapping them with copper.

They aren't as unique as I was hoping, but I did come up with something! I do love purple glass with copper and I was determined to use copper for so many of the same thing.

While I was working on them, I was calling them "Drops of Saturn", but then remembered the song is about Jupiter. Oh, well - close. And I do love the silver drops here and there around the bead.

I had used this wrap for a moonstone colored charm a few years ago and really loved the way it looked.

So, they are finally in the mail and I will now anxiously await the gorgeous package of the final swap. The finished bracelet should be a really wonderful conglomeration of 24 charms from artists all over the world. I love the internet!

I have the kiln warming up and a bottle of Pepsi at the ready. It's only 7:20 in the AM, but I find early torching seems to work for me. I'm thinking navy and green - we'll see.

Off to pull some vine cane and get working...

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