Thursday, August 16, 2007

The ocean & the tropics with a side visit to Florence

Yes, I must admit, the Bantams have been around longer than the Chukars, so they aren't the newest additions, just the latest pictures....

That's settles, now, on to beads:

This set is called Ocean Granite. I was playing with copper foil, some frit and a few stringers.

Next is Florentine Crackle, The scrolls make it look like a Florentine paper design. I got a bit carried away with the technique and made a large focal and a medium sized bicone to go along with it.
But this one is the real inspiration for the Florentine name. I call it Florentine scrolls because it almost looks like golden scrolls on a deep turquoise base. Love the rich look.

So, there I was in the midst of all the blues and greens when suddenly I found myself with an orange stringer in my hand.

This was the result. Tropical Chatter.

It reminds me of the edge of the jungle. Can't you just see the tropical birds and flowers in this one?

It was an attempt to encase a floral and although I didn't smear it terribly, the effect is a little blurred and it works to give the feeling of the layers of vegetation in a rain forest.

Seems like I did a little tour. Across the ocean to Florence, ending on a desert isle. Amazing where the torch can take you!

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