Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Well, it's been a couple of busy days and corny seems to be the operative word!

Last evening, Tina & I taught a class on making herbal beads at The Rosemary House in Mechanicsburg. We got there early and toured the gardens.

Susanna wanted to show the "World's largest teacup" to us and before we knew what happened, Tina and Susanna had hopped in and I snapped this picture.

No, it isn't moving, but aren't they a couple of hams??? Corny might be the operative word here.

Susanna told us that she and her sister have enjoyed dinner (along with her two children) in the teacup. What a great, fun, whimsical thing to do. I'll bet that's a memory they'll keep forever.

There were so many fun and interesting things in the gardens. Everywhere we looked was something else that pointed up the enthusiasm, imagination and love of life that permeates the gardens.

I happened to look up at the side of a barn and there was a lovely collection of unique birdhouses. The assortment of shapes, sizes and colors were at the same time haphazard and artful.

The teapot tree was in full bloom. Perhaps I'll post a picture of that later - or it may show up as a cover on the Essential Herbal one of these months.

We knew what awaited us at home today. (This is where it really gets corny!) We had called in some of the family to freeze corn starting early this morning and we husked, blanched, cooled, cut and bagged more than 40 quarts of corn that will be oh, so welcome this winter, reminding us of the bountiful summer.

A few of the ears in this particular type of corn had a second ear forming at the bottom, something unusual. Bob has been growing corn for most of his life and never saw anything like this before.

We got the freezing almost finished and the guys came in with a big pan of chicken, fresh from the grille, I sliced some tomatoes and we ate the final batch of corn which had been fully cooked. I usually add a bit of sugar when we boil the corn, but this was so sweet, it didn't need it. Fresh from the field - what a feast!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

I just adore that big tea cup!!

missing you as always...