Friday, March 28, 2008

Fresh from the Kiln

I guess I'm a little excited about this bunch that I pulled from the kiln yesterday.

First the full set of the swirled beads that I mentioned yesterday. I'm calling them Taffy Swirl and I guess I'll just take them along to possibly sell as a set at the show this weekend. If they don't sell, I have some plans....

Next a good-sized focal. I was playing with the pleated bead technique but I think I stretched the pleats so far that they just disappeared! Actually, they're still in there, but very faint. I added a few stems and then the little flowers of pink and purple. When I pulled it out of the kiln, I was reminded of the beautiful little pink and white "Spring Beauties" that grow in our woods in early spring. It's a chunky bead, but the flowers on it are so delicate that it has a dainty feel to it.

Since I recently sold the black vessel on my website, I decided to make a new one. After the basic vessel was finished, with opaque top and bottom and a transparent "belly", I picked up a tiny black stringer and began scrolling curls all around it. My black vessels always wind up being called Midnight something and looking at this one, I immediately thought, "Midnight Lace". Isn't that an old Elizabeth Taylor movie? Whatever, it's a somehow "voluptuous" vessel!

Finally, I made some silvered ivory stringers, cut some pure silver wire, pulled out the Lapiz and transparent cobalt and started playing. This was the result. It looked like an interesting night sky with stars and comets streaking through it. I added the moon to glide serenely through it all.

I made a moon vessel a few years ago and it was always one of my favorites, so I'm happy to have a new one to add to my stash! Before I add it to my website, I'll wire it and add a few adornments.

We're having an overcast day today and the pix aren't the clearest I could hope for. When the sun comes out again, I'll get some better shots.


Anonymous said...

Oh Maryann:

ok.. was just looking around and oh by .. I would love that piece, Serene-in-the-Storm.

Just beautiful.!!

hopefully, it is still available.??
It is 'speaking' to me.. know what I mean???

please say you have it for sale,
fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling (as usual) over your delicious beads & vessels.
Miss you!