Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things are not always what they seem..

This is an unusual year. Spring seems to be coming quickly although the temperatures don't necessarily reflect it.

The bulbs on the south side of the shop always bloom first, but they are about a full week or more ahead of normal. It's taking a lot longer for the rest of the bulbs and the tulips and daffodils in the driveway are being much more cautious!

This daffodil is blooming its little head off, but on Saturday we had a threat of snow. The predicted 1" turned out to be a .1" sprinkling of granular pellets, amounting to nothing much at all.The little bit of white globs on the right petal is what accumulated on the flower and obviously affected it's enthusiasm not at all!

Yesterday a couple came in to tag some trees to be dug and as we went out so I could give them some instructions, we looked up at my sister's house. On the roof was what appeared to be a Great Blue Heron. I ran in to grab my camera and tell Tina to come out and see. I took this picture, then tried to move a little closer for a better picture. As I prepared to take another shot, it appeared that the "bird" had flown away! Then we saw "it" again on the utility pole across the street from the house. It is apparently a piece of electrical equipment on top of one of the big cylindrical things on the pole!

The realization of the optical illusion gave way to lots of laughter and stopped us speculating on the "luck" of a heron on the roof - as opposed to a stork!

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