Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Insert Trite Saying...

What is the saying? Oh, yeah - "It never rains, but it pours."

We've been slogging along through the winter, taking care of what we need to do, keeping up. We kept expecting things to break loose, but they seem to be starting up a little later than last year - at least in the soap business... But, we did make sure that the soap stock was in order...

So, the orders start coming in.... Tina's putting a new book together, which means I'm laying it out. Oh, and the magazine deadline was the 15th, so everything comes to a halt while that is put to bed.

Now, I'm spending most of my time on the computer while Tina is making sure the soap orders are getting out.... Talk about cross training!

Of course, I signed up for a swap which is a little something to work on in my spare time... and I'm downright neglecting the torch!

It's going to be a strange, early Easter this year. It seemed to have snuck up on us along with all the other holidays this week! We've decided there won't be ham for Easter this year - one non-pork eater and (at least)one low-sodium diet, so we think it might be Salmon. Well, at least it's pink - sorta like ham! Oh, and it's on sale.

We've been really lucky with our winter weather this year, but now it's been raining for two days and it's getting old. I know I shouldn't complain because there's so much more rain in other parts of the country, but I will anyway!

Well, this is probably one of the worst blog entries I've ever made. I just felt the need to blog and had, as you can see, very little to say!

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Zonnestraaltje said...

I really don't think this entry qualifies as being so bad. I'm just glad you posted something! It's always nice to read about what's new at Frog Hollow.

As usual, just dropping by to sprinkle some love on your blog! ha ha ha ha

Miss ya!