Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Under the Sun - Something for YOU!

Okay - yesterday, I mentioned some beads I wasn't showing because they were a surprise for someone...

Well, my sister, Tina Sams has a book at the printer. It should be delivered today or tomorrow. I made a bracelet based on the colors of the cover of the book and was planning to give it to her when the book was delivered, but I just couldn't wait.

I made two bracelets and she took her choice. There was a second bracelet made and I said, why don't we offer it as an extra incentive to buyers and contributors?

The bracelet to the left is the one we will be giving away. This is a $55 value. The large beads are handmade lampworked and the silver is sterling with a handmade "swan" clasp.

So, here's the deal... If you have already ordered the book OR pre-order before May 7th (at a special price, I might add) OR if you are planning to pick up your copy at the Landis Valley Herb Fair this weekend OR if you are one of the many contributors to this book... your name will go in a hat and on Sunday, we will draw the winner.

Now, the book.

"The Essential Herbal - Under the Sun" is a retrospective of the first five years (Spring and Summer issues) of the magazine, The Essential Herbal.

It's over 200 pages, packed with in depth information, ideas and recipes and I believe it is slated to be a classic - valuable to beginners and old timers alike.

I did the layout, so I'm pretty intimately acquainted with the contents and it is great.

So, order the book here , get a special deal on the first edition of a very special book you were probably planning to buy anyway AND you have a chance to also win a handmade one-of-a-kind bracelet!


Marty said...

AWESOME Maryanne:
Those are beautiful!!!! Your things are so lovely. And it is so generous of you to offer these to some lucky person.


Casedilla said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful bracellets(sp) I can't wait to see who the winner is!