Thursday, May 29, 2008

What has she been doing?

You may think I haven't been doing anything just because I haven't been posting. Oh, but I have. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

"Spring Beauties"

"Happy Talk"

"Dark Shadows"

And finally - "Summer Chicklets". This is what happens when I get a new press that I happen to love! I've just been playing with all the bright colors and have plans for about 8 more beads to complete this set. I've been planning what to do with them as I worked on them. In fact after the first one or two, the inspiration struck to make a loong necklace that I can wrap around my neck a couple of times and that will match all my bright T shirts and other summer clothes.

I've had a number of requests recently and I'll be showing those in my next post. Teapots made in the same way as my vessels, a floral focal on an organic background and some red, white and blue beads for the patriotic holidays.... Soon as I can get them together with my camera, they'll be up.

I'm going to add these bracelets to my website for now....

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