Friday, May 29, 2009

Geldard Tutorial results..

One of my favorite glass artists is Jennifer Geldard. I've wanted to take a class with her for years and always managed to miss out. On Monday, it occurred to me that I could purchase her tutorials and get as close to a class as possible without taking one!

This is the result of her "Ornate" tutorial:

The one on the bottom left is my first attempt on Wednesday. I got mixed reviews from the family, and I knew I could do better. The larger blue bead was another attempt to copy the tutorial bead exactly. The purple and orange beads were my own color combos and I was especially pleased with the purple/green one!

The other three were done yesterday and this morning I etched them to get the wonderful glow that comes from etching some encased colors.

I tried making beads like hers when I first began making beads and had some limited success, but it is really nice to find out exactly how she achieves some of the effects.

This technique reminded me that I need to take my time and be mindful of heat control. I'm often much too impatient and these certainly slowed me down. It was worth it though and I can see getting much better results as time goes on.

I'll probably post individual photos on my facebook page later today... You can become a fan there at TorchsongStudio if you would like!

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Anne-Marie said...

Wow! Your project turned out incredible. I've never heard of Jennifer Geldard either so I'm off to check out her site too. Thanks for the inspiration.