Thursday, February 11, 2010

After the storm

I can't resist. There are just so many gorgeous pictures from the snow!

The one on the left is my favorite. Icicles hanging on the shop. They look almost magical as the sun turns them into prisms! I love icicles even though they can sometimes seem to be daggers ready to fall.

Below, the picture on the right is a scene Tina pointed out to me... our wisteria vine, so gnarled and twisted, covered with snow and icicles hanging above.. The contrasts in this one reminded me of some kind of modern painting. Nature is amazing!

I walked out to see that the winds we thought might undo all Bob's work yesterday had hardly made a difference in our driveway.

The shop is almost hidden behind all the piles of snow. The cars, which were completely dug out only a day or so ago are back to being buried under the new snow.

You can see Tina's house up on the hill to the right. It looks pretty close, right? Well, apparently when one is basically "swimming" through the snow with no gloves, hat or suitable shoes it is miles and miles and very frightening - especially as the snow is still swirling!

The sky has become so blue after days of heavy gray. It looks warm and comforting, but I suspect if we went out on the roads right now, it would still seem a bit threatening.
As I got closer, I saw all the icicles hanging from the eaves...
Now that I'm out here, I have some work to do. So off I go to mix lye for soap to be made later in the week and to light the torch for another day of bead making, but first, I had to share some of the beauty of this most recent storm.

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Comfrey Cottages said...

there is great beauty in the icicles maryann:) i like the way the snow sparkles in the morning sun also:) you all really got hammered with the snow! so far we have not.. but winter isn't over and we usually do here in central illinois. thanks for sharing all your cool pics:)