Sunday, February 07, 2010

Da Beads

So, after all that absence, now I post twice in one day.

Yesterday, as I waited for the kiln to ramp up, I decided to make a few murini. I have done this before, but I got some pretty good results yesterday.

This brown flower murini seemed to work perfectly on this bead - I think It's my favorite of the day:This one got a little smeared. I wasn't totally prepared to make the bead and that may account for the messiness of it. I kinda went with the flow instead of having everything I needed at the ready!
I was thinking of adding a murini to this one, but I had grabbed an unknown stringer to play around in the background. I think it turned out to be a stringer of a glass called "magic" and it seemed to be coming out so beautifully that I decided not to mess it up!
Finally, I had actually made this bead toward the end of last year with a dusting of enamel and another of the murinis I made before and don't think I ever showed it before.
I sure hope I can get back to the torc regularly now... just as soon as we get caught up with the soap!

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Comfrey Cottages said...

even the one you think is a bit messed up is gorgeous maryanne:) that third one kind of looks like a cool snake slithering through it and the pattern of that bronzey color kind of looks like scales! all are totally gorgeous