Sunday, February 19, 2006

Well, I can't believe it's been so long! I've been leading a pretty boring existence. My foot is still a major influence in what I can and can't (or just don't want to) do.

I'd take another picture, but I've been hearing about the last time from my disapproving son and brothers... yes, I know.. I'm boring!

The cool thing about my foot is (yes, I'm still going to talk about it!) that it appears to have become Vulcan... I'm hoping it will eventually go back to normal, but for now, if I lift my bare foot, looking at it from the bottom, I am giving a "live long and prosper" sign.

We are catching up on soap - stockpiling for the spring coming up sooner than we ever expect. Plus, I made up a sales sheet and am doing a little sales push. Time to grow again.

Beadwise, I just don't seem to have the inspiration at the moment. Even when I do sit down at the torch, the concentration to make whole sets just isn't there. It'll return.

I did get an electroforming set up which will allow me to apply copper to my beads - for instance, metal handles for the vessels, etc. I also have finally gathered everything I need to finally use some of the techniques I learned last Fall at Beadfest.

While I was acquiring the electroforming set up, Tina ordered a still! So the plan is to use both... Maybe electroform some leaves and use the still to make some hydrosols and tiny quantities of essential oils. Lots of things to experiment with.

This may all go on the back burner, however, because our son was home for a visit this weekend... needed to do his wash (!) But, as it turns out, he was just coming down with whatever bug it is at school that is laying everyone low. He spent most of his time here sleeping. And when he wasn't sleeping, he was snorting and coughing in the living room while I plied him with various medications! I'm glad it worked out this way because he seems to have a hard time really being able to relax in his room at school. Seems he has a very inconsiderate party boy as a roomate.

Well, at any rate, he must have been at a very contagious stage because as he was leaving this morning, I noticed I was beginning to have a dry cough! Lovely! I feel my sinuses closing as I type! Great, and I sent most of the cold meds along with him!

I'm sure this will pass in no time and I'll be raring to go, inspired and rested.