Sunday, April 25, 2010

Return of the Muse

My flameworking muse is back - for how long, I never know.

However, the last few days, I have been inspired to sit down at the torch and create, something I haven't done since last month.

I've had a certain frit around for a long time and at some point, I made an interesting (if wonky) focal with it. The frit floated around in the middle and the ends were red - "bordello" to be exact.

I really liked it, but wasn't inspired to do anything more with it until recently. Yesterday, I made a set with it - frit on a nice neutral in Kalera shaped beads, with bordello spacers. Then I made a large lentil with the same combo. I'll post them soon.

There was a thread on one of my favorite online glass haunts about vessels and I guess that made me think about this application. The very base is bordello with a bordello neck and handles... The body of the vessel is clear with frit spattered through it.

The main vessel turned out so well that I thought it should have a special top, so I made an applied top. It's basically a blob of glass at the end of a rod, dipped in frit, then a bit down the rod, flame cut and tapered. I added a dollop of bordello to the very top and it looks like a little flame dancing on the top.

The first picture was taken inside next to a paisley curtain with very similar colors.

The second picture was taken as it hung in the window. Neither one does it justice. The bordello is a deeper red than it appears on either of the pictures.

When the sun finally appears again I may try to get a truer picture, but meanwhile, I gave up and had fun with Photoshop.... note the lens flare on the handle of the second picture!

The stopper almost fit exactly, but I wound up grinding just a bit off it. It fits very well, but I suppose if I sell it, it should have a cork option!

I'd love to make some kind of a wire stand so it could be displayed too.... Another day, I suppose.