Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy hands

I'm really on an earring kick - just can't seem to stop making them.

The coffee table in our living room is a mess ... covered with little boxes and baggies of beads of all colors and sizes and shapes, plus I just got an order in today from Fire Mountain.

These moon and star beads are from the order and I couldn't seem to stop myself from making them right away...

This pair of leaf earrings have been lying on the table for a few days - in that I had picked out the beads and just needed to put them together..

Some more of the star beads I got in the mail today.. The large one is Rhodochrosite, the medium one is mother-of-pearl and the tiny one is hematite.

And finally, as the temperatures drop and the calendar shows the year slipping by, thoughts of fall seem to "fall" into our minds...

Soon it'll be cool enough to actually light the torch in total comfort!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

While I'm at it...

I don't believe I ever posted my "Wishing Vessels" here. I know I posted them on Facebook, but this is the proper place. Well, actually, my (sadly neglected) web page would be the correct place.Each of these particular wishing vessels has a heart carved from unakite. Click here if you would like to know mofre about the metaphysical properties of unakite.
All the wishing vessels have at least one spiral and usually a trail of hearts somewhere on its surface.
At this time, I have been making all the wishing vessels in the same color combination. I like the earthiness of these colors.

Eventually, I will probably make some in other combinations.

Since, of course, I have not put these on my website yet, I will tell you now that if you are interested in purchasing one of these vessels, they are $35 each and if you send me a note, we can work something out.

Earrings on a rainy day

Even though I was suffering a bout of lethargy yesterday, at least I managed to make a couple more pairs of the "leaf" earrings:
Jade & PearlsTurquoise & Opals