Thursday, April 28, 2011

3's the Charm

In an effort to avoid working on a project for the class Tina and I are taking, I thought I would put some thoughts down on paper (okay, screen!) and finally get a blog post up here.

One day, over three years ago, while out on soap deliveries, we stopped by the offices of a local farm/garden shop/grower supply company to pick up some supplies for my husband. We looked around and thought maybe they would be interested in selling our soaps there and through a convoluted series of events, were invited to participate, as vendors, in their fall "customer appreciation" show...
The first year, we got a few orders and one or two reorders... hardly anything to write home about.

The second year, we seemed to have about the same amount of orders at the show and a few more reorders.

Last year, we really seemed to be busy at the show and knew a lot of the people who came through. We had, maybe twice the amount of orders as the first and second years and are seeing an amazing amount of repeat orders. We have picked up some nice local places and a couple of more remote customers.

We often hear the adage that in advertising, one should always put the same ad in the same place for at least 3 times (for instance 3 issues for a magazine) before gauging the effectiveness of the ad. This little adventure seems to bear that out. After exhibiting 3 years, we have become "real" to the customers and they have apparently begun to trust us!

It has certainly brought to mind that old adage and seems to ring true. Certainly gives me something to think about when I plan any kind of advertising campaign.