Thursday, June 16, 2005

Back to Work

Trio of BeadsAfter a couple days of recuperation from the weekend, I got back into gear and made a number of new "Soap beads". The top bead (#1) was the most requested one at Ft. Wayne. Tina was wearing a necklace just like it and everyone wanted "hers"

#2 is another engraved bead, only using a green enamel instead of the soft blue-green and #3 is a purple enamel stamped with a special SOAP stamp made by my DH, Bob.

I'll be putting these up on my website and attempting to add a shopping cart soon.

Forever in Blue Jeans
Last night, since it seems Wednesday has become "inspiration night", Tina was over and we made another "Salt Spa Soap". We're calling this one "Forever in Blue Jeans".

We used some of the blue Australian clay we got at the conference in Ft. Wayne from Kangaroo Blue along with a bit of Blue Oxide. It's scented with a fresh, woodsy fragrance with just a hint of smoky vetiver. Yummalicious!

The basic recipe for this soap is on our book "Herbal Soaps from Scratch" which is available on Tina's website.

Today, I'll be heating up the kiln and lighting the torch to make some fun beads. Time to stretch.

And I'm looking into some sterling soapmaker's charms to add to my line and offer to some of the vendors who have inquired about my soap jewelry.

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Zonnestraaltje said...

For some reason...when you look at the word "SOAP" just doesn't look right. Isn't that funny? You never think about it until you see it isolated somewhere like that. I think I am partial to the carved ones because somehow the letters stand out more. Still, they are all adorable.