Saturday, June 25, 2005

Shopping Cart!

No pretty pictures today, but I am excited about adding a shopping cart to my Torchsong website.

My sister has been encouraging me to do this and since I added the soap beads and soap jewelry, I thought it was probably time. I emailed Traci at BETA, and on Thursday, she set it up for me very reasonably - one of the many services available as a BETA member.

She explained how to add new items and, in fact, as I was inserting the code for each item, I noticed a couple other things I wanted to add and was able to easily do them myself.

I thought, "Okay, nothing ventured, nothing gained." Really didn't expect anything much to come of it, but, bam, there was an order within 24 hours! I like this way of doing business. Now, it's even more exciting to open my mail each day.

1 comment:

Zonnestraaltje said...

Hey, congratulations!!!! I have to pop over and take a look. I hope you get lots more orders this way!