Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble... and Gaudi

Bubble potI've had the materials and idea for these for so long and I finally put it all together. This pot is outside my soap/jewelry studio. I love that it combines soap and glass once again!

The glass bubbles are much more irridescent than they appear on the picture and as I walk to the shop, they just seem to be floating above the flowers.. exactly what I had in mind.

On WetCanvas, we're doing another charm swap and I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something original for my theme that I would really like. My icon on the board is a picture of one of the medallions (like the one on the right of the collage below) by Gaudi in Parc Guell in Barcelona.

I was talking to my sister about Gaudi the other night and it occurred to me that that would be a great idea for an inspirational piece, so I searched the internet for Gaudi images and put together a collage that I posted as my theme.
Gaudi Collage
When we were in Barcelona, we took a Gaudi tour which was probably the high point of our visit there. Until that time, I had probably heard of him, but had no idea of what he had done. The Parc Guell was fantastic and the Cathedral of the Familia Sagrada (which is still a work in progress) was truly amazing.

I laugh and say that the man could not draw a straight line to save his life! He just seemed to love color and texture - I really wonder what drugs were available to him at the time. His designs are absolutely psychedelic! To see them (and be "in" them) is breathtaking!

On the trip, we were with another family. The husband is involved in a major downtown revitalization project in the Southwest. He was telling us how hard it is to decide on building designs.. that it's difficult to judge what will be truly unique and yet classic in years to come and what is just wacky and a flash in the pan. The fact that the Gaudi structures actually got built is a tribute to not only Gaudi's foresight, but that of the city planners and those who financed his work.


Anonymous said...

What is each piture?

Kelly said...

Gaudi make Barcelona a masterpiece of the world! I was so impressed by Barcelona, that decided to stay there for some time. There are lots of people from around the world in Barcelona. Getting a part-time job at a language school is a great way to meet people, but also hanging around some of the more "international" bars (preferably not on the Ramblas, where they're full of tourists and expensive Barcelona hotels) can help you meet other locals who speak English. There is an English-language newspaper called Barcelona Connect with information about upcoming events and classified ads. Loquo is a great place for people looking for accomodation (shared or private).