Friday, June 17, 2005

Raku - finally!

Denim Raku BraceletJust a quick post. I finally got some good results from the "Raku" glass.

Really pleased with this bracelet!

The main beads are a steel blue (denim) base with stripes and dots of Raku. I combined the beads I made with some jade and mahogany obsidian.

This would look great with jeans or any navy, jade green or "safari" buff outfit.

Moonchild Oh, okay, I had to add this one too.

I call it "Moonchild" and the beads are a glass called "Galaxy" . It may not show in the picture, but they have a definite translucent quality very much like moonstone.

Spacers are opalino white along with some clear AB crystals. I just happened to find the butterfly bead in my stash and it matched perfectly.

I know just where this one is going, in fact I knew from the minute I took these beads out of the kiln.


Zonnestraaltje said...

I've always loved the look of your beads made with galaxy. I thought it was something rare though that you didn't have much of... you still have some rods? You will have to fill me in... is this glass still out there to purchase somewhere? Love the bracelet! The raku one is great too!!!

Maryanne said...

Rachel, these are the original galaxy beads... I just finally made them into a bracelet! I do have some left, the original was from JoDel and it's probably the same as Glassdaddy has and calls iceberg, I think.

Zonnestraaltje said...

Ahhhhh, I see! Well, I love what you did with them. They are great beads to begin with... so you are really enhancing them nicely! I'll take a look and see if Glassdaddy has some still. (Like I need glass right now!)