Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catching up

It isn't that I haven't been thinking about blogging. Everything just wasn't in the right place at the same time... how's that?

Last Saturday - was it that long ago??? we got the latest edition of The Essential Herbal in the mail. As always, it's going to be another great edition, full of lots of info and fun articles.

We somehow managed to get this edition out at almost the same time we put Tina's latest book together. It's the one about wild foods I mentioned before. I may be tempted to try some new "wild" stuff even though that isn't my usual cup of tea, so to speak!

One of the last few evenings, I snapped a picture of the sunset. They are so beautiful around here - the creamy colors of the sky and all the trees in silhouette.

This is our view from Frog Hollow. As you can tell from the name... we are usually looking up at the sunset.

I have been working on jewelry and beads.

I think I've shown these fairies before. One lady bought all three as Christmas gifts - and another lapiz one that I haven't finished making into a necklace yet.

Anyhow, this is how I string them on waxed linen with matching beads from my stash. The fringey part must be trimmed and finished, but I'm happy with how they are turning out. They are special beads and they will be very special necklaces.

Today, I was working with twisties and made a couple of pretty nice vessels with them. I like to make them so that they are transparent and it is easy to see that they are actually hollow. I haven't cleaned it yet... I get the idea I shouldn't be showing it without cleaning, but I was excited that I produced something for a change, so here you go...! The little post in the center will be gone once it is cleaned. That is the "mandrell" or the stick that the glass is wound around while it is being worked.

I made another vessel that unfortunately wound up with a pinpoint hole in the side, so it will just have to reside with me... It's ivory and covered with various twisties. I guess it was just a little too complex to make it.

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