Thursday, June 29, 2006

Did you say vessels?

So, I got this new glass and felt the need to make a bunch of it into vessels. It is wispy and nice to work when making hollows... a bit "stiffer". These are not the best pictures... not a great angle, but they were quick and dirty, just to get them up.

"Orange You Glad" I started with this one? I grabbed this vibrant orange rod and voila! The very center wrap is yellow which doesn't show up unless you are really looking for it. The neck of this vessel is very slim and sinuous, swelling to a voluptuous body... wow!

"Spun Sugar" I almost feel like this one would be sugary and sweet like cotton candy at the Fair. I even love the (unplanned) bubbles in the handle. It is just sweet, sweet, sweet. The top is straighter than it looks in the picture - as I said, the photos are not the best.

"Deep Sea Amphora" This one looks like it may have been dredged up from the depths, or found by chance along the shore. What a find that would be! Again, I'm using one of those colors I love that remind me of beach glass. Pale turquoise swirls.. yum.

"Sparkling Jungle" Can you see the sparkles in this one? The glass has tiny bits of silver all through it and in a bright light, it sparkles like stars shining through the canopy of a rain forest.

Tomorrow, some experiments with some more of those half and half beads... and a trip to the Intergem show at Timonium.


Anonymous said...

Honestly Marynne if you get any better I'm going to have to plan a midnight raid on your glass as well as your eye candy!
I adore the colors!!!
**Big Evil Grin**

Zonnestraaltje said...

I love that orange and red one!!