Sunday, July 02, 2006

Beads - oh, and turkeys...

When I uploaded these pictures, they were in a different order, but I'll go with the way they came up to comment.

These are called "Sailing away" and I only made two of them to begin with - as a sample to see if I liked them.... well, I did. I made three more, so they are now a nice sized set. The gray-blue faceted spacers were one of the things I found at a show in Timonium on Friday and I was very happy to find that color since it matches one of my new favorites. It is like a well worn pair of jeans. The gray-blue makes a nice contrast with the sparkling medium blue transparent and the whole effect with the curling waves makes me think of sailing the seas!

Another set which includes the same color of gray-blue along with some purples and an ocher. It was a day of trying things... stringers, dots and twisties. I call it "Lollypops and Jawbreakers".

These guys again! Remember the little, ugly wild turkeys I showed you a month or so ago? Well, we set them free. Unfortunately, they seem to have imprinted on humans, specifically our family. For a while before we let them out, they set up quite a ruckus whenever they saw me or my sister since we had gotten into the habit of bringing them piles of chickweed to munch on. Now, I walk between the shop and the house and turn to see them (all 11 of them) walking quietly behind me in single file. It's kinda creepy. Reminds me of the velociraptors in "Jurassic Park"!

While mowing the back yard the other day, the whole "gang" suddenly emerged out of the woods. (A little unsettling!) They loved the cut areas with all the things hopping around rearranging their lives, etc.

And finally, some more beads. This is another of those unmatched sets. The only thing that they have in common is the colors and the shape/size. Another set of vintage porcelain beads used as spacers did the trick and really made them work together.

Soon, I will have my website updated. Some of the things I have shown on the blog are already sold, but many of these will soon be available on the pages of Torchsong Studio.


Zonnestraaltje said...

Hey, I was on the phone with Ann Friday morning... I had an early job in Owings Mills and was done by 10:00. I called her when I hit Hunt Valley to see if she was going to the show. I wish I had your cell number again because if I had known you were down there Friday, I could have met up with you!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Anyway...the sailing away set is fantastic! I have always like the poke and swirl thingy. I really need to get to the torch again! I would come drool on your beads in person, but now I'm afraid of your Killer Turkeys from Outer Space. That's really creepy!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy more eye candy to drool over!!

Can you say *Fourth of July Turkey parade* LOL